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Business intelligence

Today, business environment is moving faster and faster. Immediate adaptation of strategies and quick response to threat make the difference for companies who want to keep and increase their competitive advantages. In this rapidly changing world, information is regarded as a key resource for an organisation, in the same way as people and capital are. Business intelligence enables organisations – global, individual or public – to make well informed, faster and safer decisions before the competitors. This is an efficient tool to understand factors that affect business, such as competitors, customers, partners, economic indicators or political environment, and to quickly and constantly respond to changes.

More than 90% of information needed is published and legally accessible, but gathering, filtering and treating the right information among a multitude of data requires experience and expertise. TSR Consulting does the time-consuming field work for its clients. It gathers, checks, analyses and provides all internal and external data to its clients after having condensed it into relevant and topical information.

Solutions :

Our business intelligence portfolio, based on the latest technologies and most efficient methods, covers a large spectrum of tailored services, from a one-off survey of a specific competitor to regular business environment surveys and the setting up of a turned-key intelligence department within an organisation. Counter-intelligence, i.e. to counter hostile actions from a possible adversary by proposing preventive or defensive counter-measures is also part of our responsibilities.

Our offer :

Our approach starts by defining together with our client the goals and exact needs, identifying and organising existing internal data (often scattered among different departments), setting up the most appropriate intelligence procedure and frequency of collecting and treating external data in order to ensure that the objectives will be met. Depending on the client’s requirements, results of our investigations can include an executive summary, a presentation and a full report as well as e-mail alerts and upgrading, and further tailored support.

Specific consulting :
We assist our clients by providing them with solutions for:
- benchmarking
- competitors, suppliers, customers or partners survey
- market and market segment survey
- Internet survey
- company image survey
- political, regulatory and social survey
- counter-intelligence
- follow-up implementation of business intelligence activities
- improving existing business intelligence methods
training of people responsible for business intelligence
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