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Cross-cultural management

Globalisation strategies, multinational mergers or teambuilding, expatriation or just commercial developments to increase international clients or suppliers portfolios, today’s business generates a multitude of contacts between people coming from different cultures. Avoiding misunderstandings, working together more effectively and profitably – in other words, in harmony – calls for cross-cultural awareness, management skills and competencies.

TSR Consulting expertise lies in a 20-year practical experience in dealing with business people from all over the world, backed by innovative and proven research performed by reputed specialists from major European and American universities.

We help our clients create value out of differences
Our offer :

Each organisation faces a specific set of problems. European companies may need to get the “keys” to collaborate with other European or non European partners; non European corporations may need another set of “keys” to deal with Europe. That is why we offer tailor-made packages, adapted to the situation and requirements of each client, after having defined together the context and clear objectives to achieve.

The solutions :

Our approach starts with “the Fundamentals”, that include a comprehensive identification of target cultures, based on their conception of human relationships, values, code of business and social behaviour, ways of living and thinking, as well as a presentation of the deep “hidden roots” that drive people’s conduct. The aim is to make individuals aware of cultural differences and accept that others may think and act according to different cultural references.

The second step of our approach consists in proposing methods to create an interface between two cultures or more, to enable individuals to collaborate in harmony by bridging the cultural gaps. Our offer can include a follow-up of our clients until the complete implementation in their organisation.

Specific consulting :
We assist our clients in the preparation and implementation of their
- globalisation and relocation projects
- multinational teambuilding/project management
- international leadership development
- international executive and export-manager coaching
- employees’ expatriation, with their families if needed
cross-cultural training
We also act as a facilitator in case of crises.
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