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In a fast moving world like ours, as people represent the key resource for organisations to improve business results and efficiency, the need for training is much more important than in the past. TSR Consulting provides clients with cost-effective tailor-made training solutions in the field of cross-cultural management and business intelligence, with experience covering a broad range of business sectors. Our courses are continuously updated by experience gained from the latest theoretical research, as well as real business life and feedback from our clients.

We help our clients improve their team expertise
Training solutions :

More than training, we offer training solutions designed to meet specific clients’ needs by working closely with them in order to identify together the key issues and reach their expectations. The contents of our seminars are focused on results, helping participants gain valuable insight by transferring knowledge and improving skills. Our method combines modern theories with a practical highly participative style, based on a series of real-life examples and business role-plays. We operate our workshops in a relaxed and supportive environment at the location and time of the client’s choice, in English or French. Participant profiles vary from operator to senior management levels within organisations, from growing companies to global corporations. Ideally, to maintain interactive communication, courses are designed for a maximum of 15 people.

Cross-cultural management :

Cross-cultural training is addressed to people working in a global environment and interacting with colleagues, customers or partners from diverse cultural backgrounds, such as sales export and sales support managers, international project managers, purchase managers and senior management. The aim is to develop participants’ awareness and understanding of foreign cultures and to build skills to operate successfully in a global environment, including cross-cultural negotiations, local business styles, global leadership, teambuilding, etc.

More specific courses can be dedicated to the culture(s) of a single country, region or specific area that attendees are called to work with or to operate in. Special modules can be developed for expatriates and their families to give them the appropriate “keys” (cultural adaptation, lifestyle, etc.) not only to survive, but to be integrated in harmony in a new cultural universe. For foreign companies and executives who want to set up business in France, a “Passport to France” tailored package is also available.

Business Intelligence :

A business intelligence operation requires skills, methods and tools. Our training is addressed to existing or future business intelligence analysts and managers who need to increase their individual or organisational expertise. Our solutions, focused on effectiveness and the best practices in different industries, include theoretical and practical aspects of business intelligence, state of the art methods, ethical behaviour as well as a comprehensive set of guidelines to efficiently utilise BI tools such as computer software and Internet resources.

Business schools, engineering schools and universities :

Future business managers and engineers will develop their careers in a global environment where business intelligence will play a crucial role. That is why we have created specific training modules for students, in business intelligence and in cross-cultural management, based on real business life experience and adapted to the syllabus of schools.

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