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Code of business ethics

Our Code of Business Ethics completes and reinforces our core values focused on long term relationships with our clients, based on trust, openness and excellence of execution.

1 Ethics

TSR Consulting shall, at all times, maintain the highest ethical standards in the missions undertaken and, in any matter related to a client’s business, act solely in the interests of the client.

We shall not do anything likely to lower the status of business consultancy as a profession and our own professional reputation. Our brand image and reputation are, along with people, our most precious assets that we must keep and protect by respecting our ethical commitments.

We undertake not to, at any time or for any purpose, misrepresent ourselves by using any title, symbol or words whatsoever to empower our representatives with false authority.

2 Independence

We undertake to conduct our missions independently from any third party.

3 Confidentiality

We shall not, at any time or for any purpose, disclose or permit to be disclosed any confidential information concerning our clients’ business and staff.

4 Qualification and Quality

We shall function primarily as a business intelligence and international business development consultancy and be qualified to analyse problems, to give advice and to fully assist in implementing such advice. We shall apply state of the art methods. We shall not accept any mission for which we are not qualified.

Prior to undertaking a client assignment, we shall define in writing the scope, extent and the manner in which we will undertake the mission. We shall not accept any assignment in which we will not be able to offer thoroughly relevant, effective or useful advice.

Should we wish to employ the assistance of another organisation or person not linked with us to assist us in undertaking the client project, we shall :

a) inform the client and obtain his acceptance by formal agreement (in case of refusal, reasons for doing so should be given)

b) ensure that the sub-contractor’s work is verified and that it attains the standards set out in this code

c) support the sub-contractors in the same way as if they were part of our staff.

5 Impartiality

We shall not enter any arrangement which would detract from the objectivity and impartiality of the advice given to our client.

6 Specific commitments:

As business intelligence is an important part of our core business, in addition to the present Code of Business Ethics, we hereby certify that our activities shall also comply with the Code of ethics (Charte d’éthique) of the French Federation of Business Intelligence Professionals (Fédération des Professionnels de l’Intelligence Economique).

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