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Our best reward comes from our clients who have been fully satisfied with the solutions we proposed to them. The accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of our actions can be expressed in different ways, such as testimonials, significant figures and success stories.

Cross-cultural training :

At the end of a training dedicated to cross-cultural management, a senior executive who spent 5 years working in the Asian market made this comment to TSR Consulting: “Thanks to your approach, many specific behaviours of Chinese and Japanese businessmen whom I have been dealing with are now clear to me. Since the first contacts, although I often was disappointed, I accepted their behaviour, but now, I understand the reasons driving their social and business codes and I am better prepared for future business in this area.”

Business intelligence :

A leading industrial product manufacturer was dissatisfied by insufficient profits coming from their sales in Asia. We analysed the situation with their distribution network and discovered that most of the local sales organisations ignored the real market price in their respective countries as well as the products they had to compete against. We made investigations that proved that the market price was slightly higher than the one negotiated between distributors and their customers. In addition, we provided the sales forces with an extensive benchmarking study. Finally, we suggested improving the information flow between the local network and the business intelligence department at corporate level. Results have been a 4% increase in profit and a more efficient information distribution benefiting both sides of the organisation.

To give another example, a leader in the marine industry wanted to extend a competition survey in order to estimate better the future strategies of their competitors. We proposed and delivered a comparative survey based on advertising messages conveyed by the major players in the professional press in the previous 24 months, that highlighted significant trends. In addition, we checked the progression in the client’s business environment. Our client successfully improved his marketing strategy by anticipating changes in his competitors’ approach and the emerging needs of his customers.

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