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About us

TSR Consulting is a business intelligence and international business development consulting company. Committed to helping clients solve business problems and create profitable opportunities, we propose relevant and updated information, insightful, innovative and practical recommendations as well as a range of training for senior management and their teams.

Vision :

To be among the highest valued consulting companies in the field of business intelligence and international/multicultural business, offering a comprehensive range of solutions that enable our clients to envision global changes and improve operational performances.

Mission :

Our mission is to assist our clients – from private companies to multinational corporations – to achieve decisive improvements in their strategies and operations, to identify threats and opportunities within their business environment and to profitably expand their activities on the marketplace. We achieve these goals through a tailor-made approach by working closely with our clients, offering a broad knowledge of business and industry issues, providing value driven solutions and supporting them throughout the implementation.

Core values :
- Improving our clients’ competitive advantages and business performances
- Bringing tangible added value to our clients for a high return on their consulting investment
- Openness and a highly collaborative attitude with our clients and partners
- Focusing on excellence of execution and continuous improvement of our practice in building trust, greater satisfaction of our customers and long term relationship
- Integrity, confidentiality (please, see our code of business ethics).
Leadership :

Before setting up TSR Consulting, Thierry Savatier worked 12 years as a director of marketing and business intelligence in a major multinational industrial group, with positions respectively in France and Italy and a large focus on the Asian markets. Before that, he worked as an exports director for 8 years and was also responsible for business intelligence in a medium-sized industrial company, leader in its market. In both positions, Thierry was deeply involved in international business and cross-cultural management.

Industries specialised in :
- Aerospace and Defence
- Consumer goods and services
- Communication and media
- Energy 
- Industrial equipment
- Local authorities
- Marine business and shipbuilding
- Museums and art
- Transportation, logistics and travel
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